How Doering Delivers Premier Fleet Management Services Nationwide with Integrity, Expertise, Experience and Energy


Doering Fleet Management is a national fleet management company, working with non-profit and for profit organizations alike. Adding value to clients with expertise, experience, and energy is the mission of the firm. A team of industry experts makes for an incredibly diverse and efficient firm. Doering is a streamlined organization that prides itself on superior service for fleets of any size while also focusing on the most important part of any business, the relationship with the customer. The name has always been associated with long-term relationships where value-added service, advice, and expertise matter most. Our customers come first, so it is intentional that Doering does not own any car dealerships and therefore has no bias toward particular brands. This unbiased approach helps to minimize many of the typical vehicle decision making pitfalls such as purely emotional decisions or only appearance based decisions. The focus is helping our customers to make good decisions about bottom-line value, utility, and cost. A high level of personal service and fleet management services are coupled together resulting in an unbeatable and trusted partner.

Doering Fleet Management strives to listen to our customer needs and has helped provide many benefits including:

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Reduction in liability
  • Improvement in driver satisfaction
  • 3rd party brand selection based on analytics
  • New vs. used vehicle selection
  • Rightsizing the fleet
  • Used vehicle sales
  • Strategic vehicle cycling and rotation guidelines
  • Best practices in vehicle policy administration