Fleet Management

Doering has provided fleet management and leasing services since 1989, with Doering family ties in the auto industry dating back to 1924. This knowledge base has been collected and helps Doering staff to temper the cyclicality of markets, the emotion of new models, and most importantly ensures we value the relationships with clients.  A little piece of the repository is present in every conversation, proposal, decision, and trade-show. 

Doering provides both Leasing Fleet Management Services and Fleet Management Services for Purchased Fleets.

Leasing Fleet Management Services


Doering provides fleet management services which encompass strategic advice and financing knowledge.  Doering works with you to make practical decisions based on your very specific and unique circumstances.  Cash is critical to any ongoing concern – whether for-profit or non-profit.  Using cash to retain capital for more productive uses than depreciating vehicles.  This power of compounding capital is central to a proper leasing discussion. The reduced acquisition cost that comes with leasing through a large fleet management firm like Doering makes the case for leasing quite compelling.  However, it is not just the short-term case it is also the long-term rates of return typically far exceeds the cost of leasing. Why don’t more organizations lease - it is typically either they are misinformed about the benefits of leasing or it is simply that the organization has not really considered it because it is a change.

Fleet leasing may include open-end (TRAC) leases without mileage and damage charges or closed-end (consumer) leases.  Knowing when to utilize each type of lease necessary to make the right decision. Properly written leases, including term, mileage, and residual, are also major factors. Doering acts as the expert in establishing the terms of the lease and coupling it with the proper vehicles for each client’s application.  A properly written lease portfolio can be flexible, scaling with your fleet needs.

A variety of optional services may be added to the leasing program to enhance the value and allow Doering to help you. One service is the Doering Fleet Fuel Card which monitors mileage on each vehicle, ensuring they are receiving the appropriate grade of fuel (regular vs. premium) and preventing fraud.  The program typically reduces fuel expenses by 5-15% given its wide acceptability at 98% of all fuel stations.  More information is available in the fuel management section of the website.

The Doering Maintenance Management Program is an ideal package for any organization which does not want to approve maintenance for each vehicle, track repairs, deal with filing the paperwork, and contend with the personnel issues that accompany maintenance requests.  The Doering Maintenance Management Program uses a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure that all vehicles are maintained similarly and a reactive maintenance program that responds when a repair is needed.  The program provides for national discount pricing with excellent prices on everything from tires to windshields, consolidated into one monthly invoice.  More information is available in the maintenance management section of the website.

Purchase Fleet Management Services

Leasing is often a key component of a sound fleet management plan, but not a required component. Some organizations have plentiful capital and simply prefer to own the vehicles.  Doering assumes the management responsibilities for the fleet for a fixed monthly management fee and negotiates with the manufacturers to achieve the best possible discounts. These discounts are completely based on each organization’s independent fleet size. Doering places the orders and coordinates the delivery of the vehicle and payment.  The same is true of the liquidation of any used vehicles.  Doering provides the rightsizing, rebalancing, cycling and vehicle selection services as part of the program.  Since Doering is not the owner of vehicles in this type of program the client provides the capital for purchase. With this model, Doering is limited in its capacity to handle title and registration work and often uses a third party service provider or a power of attorney, where possible.