Leasing Services

Leasing is a very general term that can refer to anything from leasing a copier or leasing an apartment, making it easy to mis-categorize a fleet lease.  A fleet lease is by definition a loan on a vehicle with a balloon payment, representing the vehicle’s future value.  The intent of the balloon payment is to preserve capital and not build equity in vehicles, but rather retain it for more productive uses including:

  • Investment in Equities
  • Investment in Property/Plant/Equipment
  • Investment in New Technology
  • Investment in Socially-Responsible Investment Portfolios

Doering Fleet Management has a clear focus: to provide expert leasing services for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and all vehicles up to and including heavy-duty commercial trucks. Nationwide fleet management services are Doering's core expertise.  It is what we do every day without the diversions many other firms have of dealer networks and other side businesses that detract from the core business.

To be more competitive/viable in the future, it must be understood that preserving capital is a key to success.  Businesses and non-profits often fail as a result of the lack of capital despite having profitable orders from customers or ongoing income streams.  Many organizations understand that leasing helps increase the ability to grow and invest, making strategic decisions that require significant capital.  Challenging and uncertain markets have proved that leasing is not only beneficial but crucial to ongoing viability. Millions of businesses saw lines of credit cut or felt them being sharply limited in the Great Recession.  Those with cash and credit available to them were able to continue to invest in new technology, facilities, and merger and acquisition activities, all while their capital restrained competitors were contracting.  These well-positioned organizations continued to invest and positioned themselves for future activities.  Leasing is the most efficient financing choice to achieve the preservation of capital as the core intent of leasing is NOT to build equity, but to better utilize the equity.

Doering buys a staggering number of vehicles each year. Doering’s volume results in lower prices from the manufacturers than the average organization can achieve alone. In addition, Doering often receives fleet rebates from manufacturers that are not available to other customers and often negotiates large fleet discounts. These fleet rebates result in further savings to each organization.  The staff at Doering are well-versed in negotiations with manufacturers and up-fitters.

Doering structures the most efficient fleet management program, including:

  • Maintenance Management (Optional)
  • Fuel Management (Optional)
  • Provide strategic advice, vehicle selection, holding period strategy and unbiased advice
  • Outsource most of the fleet management responsibilities
  • Provide a source of best practices information, including vehicle policies & DOT compliance
  • Provide maximum income and/or sales tax benefits
  • Eliminate the costs of acquiring and disposing of vehicles
  • Lower maintenance costs 20-40%, manage fuel expenses, minimize administration

Did you know: 498 of the Fortune 500 companies use leasing and fleet management for vehicles and/or equipment?  Did you know there is a transition to leasing & fleet management services for not-for-profits more so today than ever?

If you are interested in more detail about leasing and fleet management, contact us.

One of the most obvious questions asked is "What are the Benefits of Fleet Management?" Although the value of fleet management depends on particular situations

Expert Advice + Best Practices

As an independent fleet management company, Doering looks out for clients and works in their best interest, whether that be brand selection, holding period, maintenance plan, or advice on best practices (vehicle policies, tax savings strategies and others).

  • Affordability - Doering decreases vehicle costs with large fleet discounts. Doering adds core value. Reducing the cost of fleet management in addition to the huge benefits and outsourced services provided, adding a new layer of expertise, and freeing up staff for more important organizational needs!
  • Liquidity - Lease payments are typically lower than financing payments because a vehicle always has a future value. Through leasing, the organization pays only for the depreciation incurred through use and nothing more. Additional capital and "equity" are not tied up in the parking lot; it's used for working capital, investment, or PP&E.
  • Financial Benefits - The ability to expense lease payments rather than capitalize and depreciate an owned vehicle is a clear tax benefit for the company, lowering net taxable income. Most importantly, the capital freed up by a properly implemented fleet management program is staggering! The IRR of this capital can typically be of very significant value to an organization looking to grow, looking to invest, looking to improve infrastructure and/or retain working capital and lines of credit for key organizational needs.
  • Expertise - Experts provide value, whether they are accountants, attorneys or other subject-matter experts. Leasing and fleet management professionals provide advisory services to clients looking for strategic and tactical advice.

Doering decreases vehicle costs with large fleet discounts. Doering adds core value. Reducing the cost of fleet management in addition to the huge benefits and outsourced services provided, adding a new layer of expertise, and freeing up staff for more important organizational needs.