Fuel Management Services

Fuel Management Services


The Doering Fleet Fuel Card issues one card per vehicle and a unique code pin code for each driver.  This allows for shared vehicles (pool vehicles).  The card is not a credit card and is only valid for fuel purchases.  A driver must enter the mileage and their unique pin number to enable the fuel pump.  The unique codes help to provide reports that outline fuel spending and record exceptions.  Exceptions can include fuel consumption issues (leaks, inefficient routing, fuel theft, incorrect gas grade, engine damage, etc.)

The reports are available online and data from the reports is exported to the Doering Maintenance Management program daily. The reports also prompt maintenance notifications and consolidate  maintenance reporting data and the fuel data into one robust reporting tool.  The Doering Fleet Fuel Card can reduce fuel expenses by 5-15% and is accepted at almost 98% of all fuel stations. 

  • Better than a credit card
  • Includes cost-controls and savings
  • A secure driver ID is entered to authorize the card
  • Quick replacement of lost cards
  • Online purchase controls - this is not a credit card!
  • Exception reports indicate the use of the wrong fuel type, limiting purchases, and monitoring fuel economy
  • Online access to monitor spending, access detailed reports
  • Program allows for multiple drivers to share a single vehicle
    • ID number assigned to the driver
    • Card code assigned to vehicle

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